Middle School Model Coming in 2023-24

  • On October 12, 2022, the Kent School District Board of Directors received a recommendation from the Middle School Model Committee comprised of parents, 精东影业, and community members for a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade middle school model and to reopen the former Sequoia Junior High as the New Middle School (Still to be Named). Please read the story from October for more information about the process used to form the recommendations.

    Since that time much work has taken place to help prepare for the move. Please check back to this page throughout the spring and summer to follow the progress toward implementing the new middle school model. 

    • Earlier this fall we surveyed 4,472 elementary students and 1,126 current seventh grade students on a variety of topics relating to middle school including transition activities, athletics/activities, elective classes, and general questions.
    • Families of current fifth and sixth grade students were recently surveyed on a variety of topics including transition activities and structure of middle school.
    • Subcommittees on specific subjects are in the final stages of developing plans that will be shared with all stakeholders. These subcommittees include: Athletics and Activities, Transition to Middle (both students and families), Electives, Middle School Registration and special programs (Dual Language and Highly Capable).

    Please review the information in the sections below to get answers to students and families Frequently Asked Questions. Since new questions are being identified every day please check back frequently to see if new information has been posted.

FAQ Middle School Questions for Students

  • How will I make new friends if my current friends don’t go to the same middle school?

  • I have always walked to school in elementary school, how will I know what bus to take? What are the rules of the bus?

  • What happens if I am being bullied?

  • What time during the day do I get to take a break if I don’t have recess?

  • How do I handle having many teachers instead of one or two?

  • If classwork and homework is harder, how can I get more help?

  • Since middle schools are bigger, how will I know where to go?

  • Will I get a locker, and will someone teach me how to open my locker?

  • What does PE look like, and do I need to change clothes?

  • Do I need to carry my computer back and forth to school every day?

  • Are there Dual Language classes at middle school?

  • Are there highly capable classes in middle school??

  • How will I choose what classes I want to take?

  • If I am currently in band or orchestra, can I continue these in middle school?

  • How does lunch work at the middle school?

FAQ for Parents with Children Transitioning to Middle School

  • What supports are available to help my child make friends?

  • How will I know what bus my child will take? What are the rules of the bus?

  • What happens if my child is being bullied?

  • When will students be able to take a break without having recess?

  • How will I be able to contact teachers?

  • If my child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan, will it follow them to middle school?

  • How will my child be able to get help with classwork and homework?

  • What supports will help my child know how to get around the school?

  • Will my child be assigned a locker?

  • What does PE look like, and will my child need to change clothes?

  • Does my child need to carry their computer back and forth to school every day?

  • Are there Dual Language classes at middle school?

  • Are there Highly Capable classes in middle school?

  • What elective opportunities will be available to my middle school student?

  • How much interaction will my child have with older students?

  • Can my child take classes for high school credit at middle school?

  • What opportunities are there for families to volunteer at middle school?

  • What requirements are there for my child if they want to participate in athletics?

  • How do I help my child make good choices in middle school?

  • What system is used by teachers to communicate with parents about work completion and grades?

  • What time do middle schools start?

Last Modified on February 24, 2023