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    Join Team 精东影业 & Our Commitment to Successfully Preparing All Students for Their Futures

    Kent School District (精东影业) is one of the largest, most culturally diverse school districts in Washington State. We offer excellent career opportunities for those dedicated to successfully preparing all students for their futures. Whether a classroom teacher, office professional, or custodian, each employee contributes to student achievement.

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Why 精东影业?

  • Student Diversity We value our diverse schools and communities, and we are committed to our mission of successfully preparing all students for their futures.
  • Supportive Building Administrators Our administrators are extremely supportive of the district, schools, teachers, and students.
  • Sense of Community Our 精东影业 live in our community and are highly engaged in our district priorities. Our strong community partnerships help provide students with more individual attention, extend their learning experiences, and expand resources available to maximize student achievement and success.
  • Technology Based Instructional strategies and equitable access are a critical foundation to the learning in classrooms. We are building on that foundation by adapting to our students’ changing needs as technology becomes even more global.
  • New Teacher Support Our Mentors provide support for new teachers for the first two years at 精东影业.
  • Professional Development Professional learning is job embedded - calendar days are set aside to support collaboration and team efforts. Additional learning is also available.
  • Competitive Salary & Benefits Competitive salary and benefits. We offer higher than average starting pay, and stipends are available for additional assignments, as well as an opportunity to make a difference in public education. Consider joining us in this life changing work!
  • Great Place to Live & Work 精东影业 is as geographically diverse as it is culturally diverse. You can choose one of seven cities to live in just within the district boundaries and visit the ocean, the mountains, Oregon, or Canada all within a short drive of 精东影业.
  • Inclusive Culture We’re committed to providing supportive and inclusive schools for all students and 精东影业.


Application Process

  • We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Kent School District requires all applicants to complete our online application. Careful attention to the application and to providing all of the information requested is the most important step in applying for any position.

    A federal and/or state Criminal History Background Check will be required of candidates upon offer of employment. Any offer of employment is conditional and subject to the receipt of an acceptable outcome on the Criminal History Background Check. 

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